15 April 2012

........and young Master Rufus

We have had a great weekend with Rufus - lots going on, shopping, a visit to the garden centre to see all the animals and fish in the pet section. Great Nannie and Grandad, Aunty Rachel and Stu came for lunch on Saturday, went with Pops to visit Great Grandma and Pat.  Games played, bike rides...... and then we had to take him home. Still he will be staying again next week, and the next , oh and the next


I love this one

On the big boy slide

well he had to get down

wonder what he's planning?

can you believe this belonged to Aunty Rachel

off the table!

Foot stool obstacle course

snuggling with Pops

boys in yellow

Rufus says "Can you see my bruises - I was on the big boy slide yesterday, came down too fast the second time, Granny went to stop me and she had her camera round her neck..... I cried and I think Granny wanted to as well )-: "


  1. Oh my, this looks like quite the exciting weekend! Love the knitted blanket in the snuggly picture!

  2. Rufus is ADORABLE! It looks like he has LOTS of energy and a skill for keeping you all on your toes!

    I have nominated your blog for a Versatile Blog Award. If you are interested in accepting, please pop over to http://www.willknitforfood.com/1/post/2012/04/versatile-blogger.html

  3. What a cutie! It must have been wonderful to spend time with him!

  4. Boys will be boys, whatever their age.

    Glad you have your priorities right and spend your time with your family.


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