1 May 2012

Blog week overview

With the 3rd Knitting and Crochet Blog Week now behind us - though I am still trying to catch up on reading posts.  I thought I'd take a look at which were the most popular posts. Blogger tells me the following.

Day One - Colour Lovers - this one got 12 comments and 31 page views
Day Two -  Photography Challenge - this got 12 comments and 57 page views
Day Three - I went with the Wildcard Craft your Perfect Day -  this one got 11 comments and 22 page views
Day Four - Knitter for All Seasons - 15 comments and 24 page views
Day Five - Something Different - 26 comments and 133 page views
Day Six - Improving your Skillset - 9 comments and 31 page views
Day Seven - Crafting Balance - 5 comments and 23 page views

As you can see Day Five got the most comments and views, I really enjoyed putting this one together.  I also learnt quite a bit too. Days Three & Four got the bigger ratio of comments to views. 

I know for myself, that the weekend meant that I wasn't able to read/comment on as many posts, and that there are still many I haven't got too yet.  It actually all gets a bit overwhelming after a while.  I have only checked out those bloggers that posted their links on Ravelry, there are just TOO many to Goggle with the tags.  Maybe one day when I have nothing better to do.

I picked up a few new followers, welcome to you.  I am also following a few new sites too.

I did prepare my draft posts in advance, tweeked and scheduled them for publication, as last year I found it too difficult to post on a daily basis.  It is surprising just how much time it takes to put these posts together and it amazes me just how detailed some people make their posts, you must have lots of spare time.

So all in all a very enjoyable week, and one I hope to participate in again next year.  Who knows I my have some crochet projects to post about


  1. It really was a very busy week- but so fun to see what everyone came up with. A huge success I think!

  2. I enjoyed blog week too, but I'm glad it's all over now! Looking forward to having time to actually read some of the posts now!

  3. I definitely slowed down on reading/commenting during the weekend, but I'm trying to keep up with lots of the new blogs I found over the course of the week!


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