10 May 2012

Enough .......please

Rain that is.  Today we were supposed to have sunny intervals, 18C temperature, 90% humidity.  We had some sun, we have the temperature, but we have rain so I guess that is 100% humidity.  I am just sick and tired of the dreary skies, and the constant rain.  Its been over 5 weeks since we had a totally dry day.


I went and bought my summer bedding plants this afternoon but can't see me getting them in anytime soon.  Because its been so cold everything in the greenhouse is behind, my beans, squash and courgette plants are doing ok, but my tomatoes are pathetic, I've had to bring into the kitchen and I have other seeds that have rotted or just not germinated.  And to cap it all I think my Wisteria hasn't survived the winter, others locally are in flower,but not a sign on mine apart from about four leaves on the end of one branch!

The only bright spot in my day is that I managed to get some tickets to go and see Mick Hucknall at the Albert Hall in September.......Exciting, though shame its a Tuesday night, oh well, guess I will be bleary eyed at work, unless we take a day off.

Royal Albert Hall Tickets - ARENA (FLOOR)

Right, as its still raining, I'm going to make another cup of tea, and get my knitting out.  Which will it be the ten stitch or the baby cardi?


  1. It is very funny how we live in completely different countries, but that weather-wise we seem to be living in the exact same place! Is that a rain barrel I see in that second photo?

  2. Our lawn is beginning to look like a jungle. We can barely see the heads of the cats as they pass through our garden. Are we never going to get a few dry days to allow us to mow it, or will the who Summer be like this and we will end up living behind a wall of grass?

  3. If it's any consolation the weather forecast is dry today, tomorrow and Sunday - indeed, sunny and warm on Saturday. Rain again on Monday. So you may be able to do some work in your garden.
    Hope you enjoy Mick Hucknell when the time comes.

  4. Thought I had commented on this but it doesn't seem to be here.
    I hope you are enjoying this summery weekend with sunshine and warmth and not a raindrop in sight. However, it's not to last with brollies again tomorrow.
    In case I forget when the time comes (with my memory I know that I WILL forget), enjoy Mick Hucknall when the concert comes around.
    Received my copy of Simply Knitting so guess you have too and are working on the next batch of squares. Can't say that I like the look of the yarn they have used. Much prefer your colour combinations.


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