18 July 2012

Its WIP Wednesday again

Greetings, its still raining here in the UK, but there is a promise of summer from the weekend; we will wait and see.  The weather being rough has meant that I'm getting plenty of knitting done.

Several people from last week's WIP post asked if I would write up the pattern for the hat I featured, without further ado here it is, along with a couple of variations

I am now making inroads into one of my WIP's  for Rufus, just the second sleeve to finish.  I really want to get all my WIP's out of the way as I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by them - 2 jumpers, 2 blankets, not too many by some people's standards but more than I'm comfortable with.

Reading - I'm still no last weeks' book too, as I keep falling asleep after a couple of pages.

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  1. I hate to have more than three wips. :-) I usually have something to watch movies with, something more complicated and something I can take with me, mostly socks.

  2. I'm completely understand what you mean by being overwhelmed by two many large projects, I felt the same way when I had four sweaters on the go a few weeks ago. I love the sweater, the waffle stitch is going to be great for holding warmth! I hope you have some sun coming your way!

  3. Wish you could send some of your rain to us in the US, so hot and dry as to be nearly unbearable! Oh, to need a sweater!!

  4. Lovely sweater. You are making it in record time

  5. I like this - the yarn thickness and texture suits the pattern design. A real boy's garment, if you see what I mean. Rufus is so lucky to have you to make such nice things for him.


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