2 July 2012

Weekend review

Another weekend has been and gone.  The weather actually wasn't too bad and we managed to get quite a few jobs done, along with some knitting.

This table belonged to Peter's nana, she used it in her kitchen, preparing all family meals on it.  I can't imagine having just that space to work on.  The top was really horrible having been changed a number of times, last being nasty green formica.  It's sat in our stable for years awaiting a new lease of life.  It will finally be my work table - I have taken over a corner of one of the spare bedrooms to set up my sewing machine.  I have a large bookcase for all my knitting patterns, books etc.  I plan to sort out my stash of yarn and materials to make them easier to access.  With the new top on, its just down to me to get it rubbed down, painted and clean up the handles.

I did another fun job, took apart the waste under the kitchen sink and cleaned it all out.  It was one of those fascinatingly gruesome jobs.  I actually managed to get it all put back together with no leaks.  My boss says he will have me plumbing up sinks next - I work for a kitchen design and installation company!!

The cardigans for Baby Jones#2 are now complete.  I won't knit anything else until we know what it is.  Not long to wait now, due at end of this month. Exciting! 

Whilst driving home today the Jeremy Vine Show had an item about knitting in public this is an article from the Telegraph - can you believe people complained about this. I didn't actually hear the phone-in part of the show, but it amazes me that people would find it a problem, very short sighted.

Lots of weeding and clearing up done, grass cut.  We are a bit lacking in colour at the moment.  Down the left side will soon have bursts of pink and yellow.  The far bed on that side has lots of daisies due out, but will need lots of work.  The brooms have got really large and need a good hack back as they are hiding other plants.  So much to do so little time.  I managed to be out there all day yesterday and only got 7 bites, which don't seem to be causing me any problems at the moment.  I am off to Hampton Court Flower Show this week, so hoping for some inspiration, this is the last of my birthday presents.  I love having my birthday spread out over the year.


  1. My Grandmother had a similar table. Happy memories. Glad it with find new and very useful life.
    The gardens are beautiful!

    (the color coordination was purely coincidental! But my fashion guru daughter did notice right away how well everyone's randomness worked together.)

  2. I hope you have loads of fun at the flower show! I love how many projects you have going right now, it is just fantastic! Also, those baby sweaters turned out so nicely, I'm excited to see what you decide to knit when the baby is born!

  3. I live in the USA and heard about the knitting at Wimbleton over here. I knit at all sorts of public events: baseball, concerts, movies...etc I thought the woman was showing a wonderful display of being able to knit and to pay attention to the game.

    Hooray for Knitting in Public!

  4. What a lot of things you have going on all at once! I admire you. I a sure Peter's Nana won't mind you using her table for such a good cause. I've wanted to do patchwork too and have many books but I know that I don't have the time, nor the aptitude to use a sewing machine. I've tried. And tried. And tried yet again. Hand sewing would be too lengthy even though I did make my clothes by hand when younger. All power to your elbow, I say.

    Do enjoy Hampton Court. I hope the rain keeps off for you.

    Knitting in public? Why not. Don't men know that women can multi-task?

    Take care.

  5. O those baby cardis are too cute!


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