25 September 2012

Not much of anything getting done

I have been very lax on the knitting/gardening front;  not really sure where the weeks and days go, but I never seem to get much done.

The garden still has some colour but its messy, lots of nettles and weeds hiding among the overgrown shrubs.  We had torrential rain all day yesterday but its been sunny/windy/cloudy today so I have managed to take some photos for you

On the knitting front - I have completed 4 of the holiday hats.  I then went on to use up some King Cole Splash that I have in my stash. I decided it only really looks good knitted as hats and mitts so I've done a few, the one with the picot edge is my favourite.  I still have over 100grams left so will maybe add it to another blanket.  I am on the last side of the Ten Stitch for Rachel's new car.  I will be glad to see the back of this as its been hanging around too long.

So do you procrastinate? I have loads to do but really can't be bothered to do any of it. I need to get off  here, prepare dinner, do some ironing, sweep and wash the kitchen floor, clean the downstairs loo, I could actually be here all day with what I need to do, so I'll stop now...........


  1. Love the yellow against the dark siding. (garden room?) very creative photo. Your garden looks like such a restful place.
    Hats are coming along nicely I see. I like the looks of a picot edging too. They are fun to do as well.

  2. Procrastinate? Me? All the time. So much nicer to read blogs and see what industrious things others are up to rather than actually get up and do things myself. Especially if it's cleaning -- ugh. So I guess I'd better get off my duff now and go up and finish painting the husband's office. By the way, your late summer garden still looks so pretty and the apples look ready for eating. I really like the pastel hats too!

  3. Your plants look gorgeous! especially the purple (4th one down).

    1. its a Sedum or ice plant (common name), starts off pale pink and darkens as it get older

  4. I'm trying short lists- If I get 2 "To-dos" done - I treat myself to a break- I try to remember there are just going to be times when I feel less productive -

  5. Oh the one with the picot edge is simply adorable! I also like how you have make holiday hats so that both men and women will enjoy wearing them, that is such a useful skill!

  6. Love the hats and mitts! The yarn works really well with them. Your garden always looks good no matter what you say. As for To Do lists: I always have too much list left over at the end of the day.


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