12 September 2012

WIP Wednesday

Just a short one from me today.  The hats continue, 2 down 5 to go - see yesterday's post for an explanation.

I have been kindly lent these books by Pauline of PaulineKnit Blog.  I love the Miss Read books, takes me back to my school days, yes I'm that old!  I read most of these when I was younger but I am more than happy to get reacquainted.


  1. My you are busy making hats...and I love them!!! My aunt used to read Miss Read...

    Blessings to you!!


  2. Matching hats is an adorable idea and a very fun family tradition!

  3. You are certainly working up those hats quickly, but those adorable little guys need warm heads!

  4. You'll be knitting those hats in your sleep! The striping is very effective. Glad you are enjoying the books. There are plenty more yet to come. Thank you for link to my Blog.

  5. I love your matching hat idea! And thanks for reminding me about the Miss Read books. There are a few I still haven't read.


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