26 November 2012

Weekend Review

As predicted the weather was awful on Saturday, started out cold and foggy and by mid morning it was rain and gales.  Luckily I was happily ensconced at the Sheep Shop for my crochet class.  It was an interesting morning. I now know the principles and I think with practice and some patience I can crack this.

A colleague had shown me how to do a treble a few weeks back and I was pleased to see that I remembered how to do it.

These I did with a colleague before going to the class - I'm actually really pleased with them now, I thought they were rubbish before!
Peter kindly picked me up from the class and asked me if I would like to go out for lunch.  Not needing to be asked twice, we headed out to the Crown & Punchbowl at Horningsea, a perfect lunch for a miserable day, plus it meant that I didn't need to cook dinner, as we don't normally have a 3 course lunch!!

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Knitting during the afternoon and evening - I got this little jacket finished and worked on a couple of other projects.

just need to block and find a button
Sunday was a bit better, we managed to see a bit of sun, I did some housework )-: and Peter cleared the tomato plants from the greenhouse, presenting me with 2 and a bit pounds of green tomatoes. I just had to make chutney, luckily I had all the necessary ingredients to hand

that's a lot of chopping
Soft stage

add the sugar and spice (to make it nice)
reduce it down
pot it up
And after all that I spent the rest of the day knitting - secret projects


  1. Looks like you're being very productive! I'm sure you'll be an expert crocheter in no time at all. The little white sweater jacket is precious.

  2. BUST BUSY Lady! Save me a jar of Chutney....I have never made it and it sure looks wonderful.

  3. You have been so busy, wow! I'm so excited that you were able to learn about to crochet so quickly, those swatches look fantastic. I also really love the white jacket, you always make the cutest baby clothes.

  4. Glad your workshop went well. Your crochet is very neat. I have tried crochet on and off over the years but can't get on with it. Edgings are OK though - for a while. You always seem to be busy and I admire you for it. Your secret knitting looks intriguing. Love the red. Lloking forward to seeing the finished objects.


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