31 January 2013

For the boys

I got the sweater vests finished before going to see the boys tomorrow.  I took the photos and then noticed that the bottom red pattern is different on the two vests!  I knew the top would be different as the bigger one had more rows, obviously.....

For Laurie

For Rufus

I went through the last two bags of yarn and this is what I decided to keep

actually the 4 large balls of white at the back I'm not keeping bit on the shiny side for me
I now have two bags to go to the Medway ladies on Thursday.  I've sorted it all and bagged it up to make it easier to look through.  Hopefully they will find something they like.

I spent the afternoon trying to find a home for everything I have kept.  Basically I don't have enough room in my cupboard to see clearly, so I will get some plastic storage boxes and have another sort.

I have a big bag of yarn set aside for the orange shades Ten Stitch for Rufus. I just need to get on and finish the one for his bedroom.  I then have pinafore dresses to knit for twin girls due soon; would you believe I have to go buy yarn for these, unless I can convince the youngest to go with something from my stash.

Just a peek of whats coming through in the garden


  1. I hope you'll show us how the boys look in their vests. Wonderful work. I wish I could be there to stroll in your garden. We have snow on the ground today.

  2. Really great vests,the boys are sure to look darling in them.

  3. The slipovers are lovely. And I like the design feature, the bottom red patterning at the bottom being different so Mum can tell whose is whose at a glance. ;-) Looking forward to seing the boys wearing them.

    There's a lot of yarn to keep you busy. Glad it has gone to a good home. I am sure the Medway ladies will make good use of what you bring. If there is anything left over can I claim it for the KnitLit group? Many are making items for charity, including shoeboxes, prem baby unit, "fish 'n' chip" babies, ...

    It's good to see the spring after all that snow. Our hostas are shyly showing their pink flowers. Haven't seen the snowdrops for a couple of years. I think they have been choked by the ivy.

  4. ooh those vests are gorgeous, I love them!!! Wow that is alot of yarn, do you have projects in mind for it all? Have a knitty day xx

  5. Sounds like you are in a desperate situation over there! You had better start knitting quick before that mountain of yarn invades! I also cannot believe how quickly those vests knit up, those two little guys are going to look so handsome in them!

  6. The vests look fantastic. Love seeing all those flowers beginning to grow in your garden too.

  7. OH GOODNESS! Laurie and Rufus are going to be a couple of heart-breakers in their new vests! I can't wait for the follow-up photos.

  8. Gorgeous vests! And so nice stash of yarn.

    Here's my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminados-43/

  9. Very cute sweaters. I'm sure they will look great in them.

  10. Your grandsons are going to look very handsome in those vests!

    I have to confess to being very jealous when I looked at your garden pictures. The only thing growing where I live is snow. :-)


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