3 January 2013

Latest WIPs

I didn't have time to post yesterday - Wednesday, so here are my WIP's today.

Firstly, the trusty Ten Stitch, this is the first of two for my grandsons.  Rufus loves to play tents with the ones I have here so I plan to knit one for each of the boys.  Its funny whenever Rufus comes and sees me knitting he asks " is that for me".  So pleased he appreciates my efforts. Using up lots of stash for these projects

Secondly is the Seamless Yoked cardigan, knitted on circulars in one piece. I am using a small circular for the sleeves rather than DPN's.  Its knitted in Sublime Baby Cotton Kapok DK in colour way Milkshake, this is so soft and washes well.  This will be a gift.

During 2013 I plan to use more stash again and try not to buy too much. To be honest I did buy some yarn on Monday but that was still 2012 so doesn't count!  I got 8 balls of Wendy Celtic Chunky in this colour way.  Its 70% acrylic and 30% wool and whilst it looks hairy it is very soft.  I have no plans for it but as it was in the sale it just kept calling to me......


  1. I looked at all the ten stitch projects on Ravelry. Wow, that looks like a popular pattern. Yours is looking nice with the marl-y yarns.

  2. Comments written on your and other people's blogs while on the Facebook Page don't register. I love the colours of your ten-stitch. Rufus should be well pleased with it. The little cardigan is delightful. Knittng with circulars is good - no seaming. I agree that buying on Monday doesn't count as 2013. Just wondering what you will make with it. Another ten stitch or jumpers for Rufus and Laurie? I take it Peter doesn't get a look in?

    I also like your idea of linking your makes to your Ravelry Projects. I might pinch that idea from you. Listing my projects is waaaaay behind.

  3. You are teaching that boy to be a super knitter considering you've got him playing with needles AND he's excited about the things you make. You may be training the next big knit-wear designer. I think it is so sweet that you are making the Ten Stitch for your little grandboys.

  4. love the classic look of the yoked cardigan! very pretty.

  5. I love the seamless yoked pattern - it is my go to baby sweater pattern.

  6. I am dying over that blanket! Thanks for linking to the pattern; that looks like a good way to eat up some of my worsted yarn stash!


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