12 January 2013

Oh so early

I am writing this post far to early for a Saturday morning (5:23am).  I have been awake since 4am, don't ask me why, it happens.  Maybe it was the pizza, wine and ice cream I ate last night.

Yesterday I spent the day playing with Laurie.  Rufus was spending the day at his Nana's, but I did get to see him for a short while before he went.

Our handsome boys

I like a good book - yum
Umm sweet potato puree, not so keen on the yogurt and apple, but pear ......yum yum
What do you mean, there's no more pear!!
only has eyes for his Mummy
The jumper modeled here was one I knitted for Rufus in September 2010

I really need to get the hang of this sitting up lark

Original jumper
Rufus -  not a great photo as it came from the phone at the time and appears to be the only I  have of him in it
look no teeth yet
I like chewing my jumper 
I have a couple of finished projects to share also today.

The V necked cardigan.  I am knitting a matching hat to go with it.

This little hat is knitted in Rowan RYC Pure Silk DK, I found a stray ball in my stash, so soft, the hat only took 20 grams so enough for another, should I wish or I may make matching mitts.

We are off to the coast today, the weather is looking good, cold, but no snow yet.  I'll be sure to take some pretty photos.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing


  1. Handsome boys indeed. Handsome knitting too.
    Enjoy the coast!

  2. They boys are just to cute. I love the big gummy smiles. I cried when my DS got his first tooth because there would be no more gummy smiles.

  3. Such sweet boys! And they are so stylish with handknits! Love the seam detail on the latest sweater.

  4. Little Laurie is getting to be such a cutie pie!

  5. Awwww so much cuteness, I don't know how you can contain in on one page! The jumper looks really great, it looks rustic? I really like it a lot and might have to make one based off of it if I have to knit anymore baby clothing for friends.

  6. The little ones are precious, and so is the cardi and hat.

  7. OH, they are adorable! And, that cardigan, with the striped sleeves and little tabs. That's fantastic.

  8. Ahhhh so many excellent babies!!!! It's killing me!

  9. You really do love those boys, don't you? Cardi and hat worked out well. Love the button detail.


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