25 January 2013

Will I have time for any knitting?

With a busy weekend ahead, I am wondering if I will have time for any knitting. Laurie's slipover is coming along nicely. Back and front completed.  It will look much better once the ends are all in and its blocked.

This evening we have Anne (MIL) and Pat coming for a Burn's Night Supper.  It will be the usual, Haggis, swede and mashed potatoes. This year I plan to add celeriac to the mash as I like the added flavour.  For dessert I am making Nigel Slaters' Marizpan Berry Cakes, but instead of blueberries I plan to use blackberries and make a blackberry and apple compote to serve with them.

Saturday is a busy day.  We pick up our new car first thing, then back home, pick up Anne (for her birthday treat), into town, lunch at Jamie's Italian, then Anne and Peter are at the theatre, they are going to see 39 Steps, and I am going to look round the shops (there may be some yarn shops involved here).  Then its pick them up, home, wash, change and then its out to dinner with work - La Mimosa - cue more Italian here.  We are celebrating 20 years of Kitchensmiths Ltd, so if you are local and in the market for a new kitchen this year watch the local press for details of some exciting news.

Sunday - will be getting to grips with the new car and its features, putting all the gear that I cleared from the old one somewhere and hopefully enjoying some milder weather - they are forecasting 9C but rain, like we need more rain.  Mind you tonight we are forecast heavy snow, then rain.  The snow of last weekend is still with us so I see that we are going to be very soggy for some time to come.

I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are up to. Stay warm and dry but most importantly have fun


  1. Love your fair isle Sue!
    Not rain?! I was plumping for sun?
    Anyway, speaking of yarn shops, have you visited the sheep shop yet? Not a walk from town unfortunately, but worth the drive :)

  2. A new car, that's exciting. Mine is going on eleven years old and I hope it keeps going on! I drive a Saturn, which they don't make anymore. Most of the body is plastic, so it doesn't rust. I just love that.

    The sweater design is wonderful. I especially like the little "circles" of red.

    Sounds like a busy and fun weekend. Enjoy!

  3. A new car! Oh wow, what kind is it?? The pullover is going to be so darling! We have been getting freezing rain all day, which scares me because of all the accidents that happen in bad weather but also it is a little nice because class gets cancelled. Drive safely!

  4. That's exciting that you are getting a new car! What make is it?

    I have been to Jamie's Italian restaurant in London. It was one of the best meals I have ever had! The wild boar sausage was amazing.

    Here is a stupid question from a Canadian. Is a slipover the same thing as a jumper/sweater?


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