22 March 2013

Fun Friday

My day started early with phone calls back and forth regards the weather.  Son in law in fear that I wouldn't go and collect Rufus offered to bring him down early for his weekend visit.  Our day commenced at 7:50am, we have had such a fun day.

A bit of baking

Building with Duplo, lunch, nap, park.

Then Pops came home and play commenced, how much fun can 2 boys have with a couple of boxes

Bath time has been and gone, they are still playing, sorry Mummy Jones, I can't stop them.  I wish you could see your father now!!!!  I just got told to go away or the cars would run me over.

He's here till Sunday, not sure if hubby will be able to move by then, so watch this space for more action


  1. Full on laughter from over here!

  2. How much fun you are both having with Rufus! Your husband seems like a wonderful grandfather to join in the play that way. And that baking looked pretty tasty -- chocolate chips, yum!

  3. Rufus really is a lucky boy!! looks like a great weekend!

  4. I think your husband should get a "Grandfather of the Year" award for squeezing into that tiny box! You are both building such nice memories with Rufus. :-)

  5. What a fabulous weekend he'll have. You'll both probably need a little lie down when he goes home! :)

  6. Just to see the concentration on that little face as Rufus was making cakes is a joy. And what fun your boys have together. Even more so when Laurie joins in. You are such a lucky lady Sue. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Building snowmen and having snowball fights?? xx

  7. How precious. You have two keepers there!

  8. My heart is a melted puddle inside my chest. HOW SWEET! I love getting to see your photos. Thanks for sharing these. :-D

    1. thanks Michelle, I enjoy sharing my photos, I'm unable to reply privately as you are a non-reply blogger

  9. The box cars look so fun! What a great idea and commitment to the execution!


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