18 March 2013

the 5th was my undoing

Friday - Rachel and I headed down to London for the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show at Olympia and my birthday day out.  The show was OK, no yarn bought again, how controlled was I?  I did however buy a load of ribbon.

After Olympia we headed over to Somerset House for the Wool House, an amazing free exhibition of all things wool.  These photo I took with my old Sony camera which I keep in my handbag, they actually came out better than thought they would.

We followed this visit with a quick whiz round Covent Garden, a purchase at Neals Yard Cheese Shop for Peter, then on to Be At One for Happy Hour - 2 for 1 cocktails!!

If I say I don't remember too much after this, then you know we had a good day.  Thanks to Rachel for her wonderful company as usual, we did have a good laugh and for getting me home in one piece with all our shopping!!

Saturday was a much more sober day; thankfully I was feeling OK after a bit of a lay-in, a couple of paracetamol, tea and toast, as we were heading for Olney so go out for lunch with Judy and Stephen. Good to see you both and thanks for lunch.

Sunday, another lay-in, I seem to be getting better at sleeping in, though we change the clocks soon so that will mess me up.  We managed a walk before the rain set in, afternoon was spent working on the orange ten stitch blanket for Rufus.

So there you have it my weekend.  Hope yours was good too


  1. The wool house looks like a treat for the senses! I'm always amazed by the creativity of fiber artists! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a great (too good?) time. :-)

    That Wool House is amazing. Thanks for treating us to the pictures.

  3. So now I have Wool House on my list of must-do-someday. Looks like such a great day the 2 of you had. So Happy for you.

  4. Those colorful sheep are just too fun! Love that!

  5. In spite of the fact that I am pleased for you and Rachel that you both had a wonderful day there is a tinge of jealousy because I was unable to go to the Knitting & Stitching Show and to Somerset House. Serves me right for being so involved in other things. Yes, I really am pleased for you both for having such a wonderful day and thank you for sharing the pictures with us. A good Mum and daughter day never did anybody any harm :-)).


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