9 April 2013

A few facts about me.....

I inwardly groaned when I got to the bottom of a post by Ivy of Pumpkin Spins and saw that she had tagged me.  Not one to normally go in for memes of this kind, I battled to try and think of something about me that would be vaguely interesting and that I hadn't mentioned before.

5 facts about me.

1. Travel Sickness - this is a huge factor in who I am and what I do.  It was first discovered that I suffer from motion sickness when my brother came along and I was put on a pram seat, yes it made me sick.  I walked miles from the age of 2 maybe why #3 factors in my life.  I was the kid that either didn't go on school trips or sat up front with the driver and a bucket.  I can't travel backwards on a train.  Coaches and mini-buses are a no no. Taxis - I sit in front with the driver. Cars - cannot sit in the back, so we always end up driving others as Peter gets mildly car sick too. Boats are best avoided unless I can get outside and hang over the rail. Air-planes are a necessary evil, I use them or we would never go anywhere. I am most often sick on the out bound flight, but never (as yet) on an in bound flight.  My worst experience was on a flight to San Francisco, I was sick for 8 hours, my husband and children disowned me, leaving me to the tender mercies of a kind American lady and the air hostess, in the end I was taken to the back of the plane to lay down.  I was ill for 2 days after.  So as much as I would love to travel to the far flung reaches of the world, most are out of the question due to modes of transport.

2. I own 37 cookery books but rarely use any of them, apart from some very well thumbed copies of Madhur Jaffrey's Indian cookery. I love to cook Indian food from scratch

3. I love to walk.  My biggest achievement was walking Hadrian Wall - 89 miles, but prior to that I had taken part in a number of Oxfam Walks, my first at the age of 14 was 25 miles - I thought I would die

4.I have all my body parts apart from my tonsils and adenoids

5. I have lived in the same house twice - 142 Oxford Road, Cambridge - I was born there (renting) and then my parents moved back (buying) when I was 12.

So there you have it 5 facts about me, you can be the judge if you thought they were interesting or not.

Now to inflict the same punishment on 5 others (-:

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2. Libby - Truly Myrtle
3. Joan - Knit One, Raise 4
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5. Michelle - Tres Bien Ensemble


  1. Lol I had to laugh at your groaning and punishing people, I feel the same about them, but I do enjoy reading peoples replies for these ones! I think its cool your parents ended up buying an earlier rental!

  2. I trust no such ills happen on the back of the motorcycle?!

  3. I kind of feel the same way about these. I got nominated for FOUR Liebster Awards in the space of two weeks recently; I'm still working on responding to all of them. Ah, well...it's fun too. I like to know people are interested in me and my blog. I enjoyed reading this. Your blog is great, I'm following you and looking forward to reading more. :)

  4. Hmmmm.... I'm going to have to think to come up with five fun-facts about me. I'm kind of boring. :-D

    89miles seems like an absurdly long distance to walk! How long does something like that take? Days?

  5. Oh I knew you would come up with some really neat facts! I'm really, really impressed that you can cook Indian food, from what I understand that is pretty difficult. My mother has tried a few times and couldn't really make anything substantial. I'm guessing that the cook book is very useful for learning? I also love that you walked Hadrian Hall, it is always fun to see the photos you take on your walks.

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  7. oh gracious *inward moan*!!!
    I'm with you on the travel sickness - but not nearly so bad. Don't do backwards on trains though if I can help it.
    I'm also with you on the Madhur Jaffrey - friends bought me an old second hand copy. Love it. My new found love is Ottolenghi - can't get enough of him...

  8. I a impressed that you still travel so much despite your sickness. I will be hoping it doesn't happen during your June vacation!

  9. It's good to know things about your friends that never come up in conversation. They add to the bonding and, in your case, invoke sympathy with your travel sickness. It must cause a big barrier to your doing many things. But I hope you are OK on the back of a motorbike and will be OK during your forthcoming holiday.

    I am not sure whether to thank you or not for tagging me, but I will post. :-)


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