5 April 2013

Bring me sunshine

The sun was out for a short while this morning. You see the sun, you assume warmth.  Wrong, it is bitterly  cold out there again today.  The flowers and plants are struggling to put forth a bit of a show.  I do think however that the hellebore's and primroses are enjoying this weather as this is the best show we've had in a long time, at least someone enjoys the cold!

The daffodils are bravely putting forth in the driveway and garden.  I have pots of sunshine in the house, purchased last weekend but still looking good, they do help to brighten the day and make me smile

Now on to knitting......

The Frilled dress has stalled.  I was very good, did a tension swatch, cast on for the 9-12 months size, knitted away, decided to check measurements only to find I was knitting up far to big.  A bit of adjustment, I am now making 18-24 month size but of the 9-12 numbers!  Frustrating, but now cast to one side, to be returned to at some point.

So that I would have something simple to knit whilst at knitting group yesterday, I cast on the matching Ten Stitch for Laurie - here is the one I did for Rufus - I have plenty of time for knitting this as he is still in a cot and will be for sometime. Its good to have something mindless to knit, I think I could knit this in my sleep now, this is my ninth one!

A while back I told you about the work we are doing with Jack CECUP School, Lusaka.  Our ladies are busy making quilts, making up information packs on knitting and sewing, patterns etc.  We are collecting sewing machines and all manner of equipment, thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far.  As I'm not much of a quilter so I decided that I would put together a pack of knitted items which they can either use or sell, so this is one of the items I am currently knitting. A simple raglan sleeved sweater, one I've done a few times.  Knitted in acrylic for hard wear and easy wash.  I have sorted a large bag of stash and will just keep knitting until its all gone.

I should now get off of the computer and get on with some housework.  Never a dull moment, housework, don't you just hate it?


  1. Well, you know how I feel about daffodils..

  2. Bring me some warm days too - soon!
    Ah yes housework ... not a lot happening here of late ...

  3. It is always frustrating when gauge goes bad. But you are a very accomplished knitter, you'll fix it! I think these are my favorite collages of yours yet, they are beautiful!

  4. I hate when the gauge is playing me up! But this garment is beautiful ;)



  5. One word describes everything (except the housework) - Beautiful.

    A setback with the tension but it happens sometimes. The stresses of a larger piece of knitted fabric than the smaller tension swatch distorts the stitches. Thankfully you are knowledgeable enough to make adjustments. Can't wait to see the dress finished.


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