31 July 2013

Mixing it up

I had planned to make this into a couple of posts, but decided I just didn't have the time, so here you have it, a bit of everything.

As most of you will be coming here for the WIPs I had better do those first.  Work progresses and each project is getting some attention.

Laurie's ten stitch

Car seat blanket

Rachel's long top

First side of a tea cosy for the YOT pot!!
Next, my sister in law gave me these vintage magazines on Sunday, we did have a laugh, they date back to 1971/72, goodness some of the fashions.  Though we did agree, with a change of yarn some of them could work.  Here is a sample

can you imagine a knitted trouser suit!?

We liked the blue top

Thought this would work with leggings

no comment

Like this but don't have the figure for it!  In fact don't think I ever did

Rufus would like the colour
Finally, I cannot believe a year has gone by since I posted photos of some these flowers, and here they are in bloom again. The year is flying past, autumn clothes are in the shops.


  1. Thanks for the blast from the past. some of those tunics and vests have come around again, but not the sideburns on the male cover model:)

    Gorgeous flowers!

    1. actually Bradley Wiggins bought those sideburns back last year to the UK males, awful, but they have caught on!!

  2. I had a flick through an 80's mag at the oppy yesterday and had me a giggle. These are gorgeous too.
    Love the blanket with its colouful polka-dots.

  3. Love the magazines, I have a few that are similar that an aunt gave me years ago. I hate throwing out patterns.

  4. aw, go ahead...knit the suit!

  5. Love your flower photos - the Helenium is such a great color :)


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