17 September 2013

You know...

autumn has arrived when the Michaelmas Daisies (Asters) start to flower

the Ice Plant (Sedum) also

The Hydrangea is going dusky - I love this stage and usually pick them at this point for the house.

Fairy rings in the lawn

The temperature is dipping, 8C today, and its raining again - I had hoped to go in the garden this afternoon - luckily I took the photos this morning.

The heating is on at work but we are resisting at home, its just too early.  The forecast is for us to be back in the mid 20's next week, so we will see.  Clothing is another problem, bare legs are too cold, but tights and boots seem a step too far. I'm going down the Capri pant and layers route, ankles/feet are cold, but I'm not plunged into winter yet!

There is still some colour in the garden, though looking at these pics its mainly yellow, with the odd lonely rose.  The wall pots and hanging baskets are looking straggly, so will be consigned to the compost soon

The apple trees are full, we have 3 eating varieties and 2 Bramley cooking apple trees, we need to starting juicing or they will go to waste, we just can't eat them quick enough.

The fig tree is laden, but sadly unless we get a miracle these will all go to waste as they are still not ripe, anyone know what we can do with them?

I got a request for a couple of pairs of knitted slippers yesterday, along with the yarn to knit them.  I had planned to add them to the list but decided when faced with more stocking stitch last night to whip these up. They are adult size I promise, just look a bit small here.  The first pair is being knitted in Wendy Mistral chunky - a wool/acrylic/polyester mix

the 2nd pair in Wendy Narvik, also chunky - acrylic/mohair/wool/polyester mix.  I love a quick project and these are just that.  30 stitches, 8" of garter stitch, then K2tog for 2 rows. Draw up the toe, fold in half length ways and do a small seam up the front and join back seam.  I then cast on 5 stitch at the side for the strap.  Job done.  They really need some Sock Stop, but as I don't have any by me the recipients can always add it afterwards.


  1. You could make some fig jam http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/16504/fresh-fig-jam.aspx
    This site also has other fig recipes.

    As for surplus apples (and pears), I cook them in the microwave until soft, cool and then freeze. When defrosted they are OK when serving with breakfast cereal, or with other fruit as a dessert.

    Dave is sorting out our garden today but still keeping it hedgehog and bird friendly. We are still picking strawberries but obviously not as many as during the main season.

    Love the slippers.

  2. Oh it is such a shame to think of those figs going to waste, I have definitely been enjoying fig season! Your garden is a wonderland as always, I cannot comment on how wonderful it is enough! Nice to see you have some great knitting project going too.


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