11 January 2014

Knitting - A good start to the year

As most of you know I LOVE to knit, other than the blood droplets, I have knitted these so far this year.  I am trying to be good about documenting patterns and yarns, thus enabling readers to find the information quickly should they like a yarn or pattern.

Pattern : simple hat, not based on any particular pattern - I knitted a flower to be added incase the baby should be a girl.  I have no problem with blue on girls, but at least people won't have to ask what gender. The mitts pattern was slightly adapted from a pattern I found on the net but can't remember where

Yarn: Red Heart Fina DK - 100% wool - this is a very fine DK more of a sport weight, nice and soft though

Pattern: Design E from the Sirdar Early Arrivals #2 book
Yarn: Sublime baby cotton kapok DK - colourway milkshake

Both of these projects are for our new grandchild due in February, excitement is mounting, but still a way off yet.

Whilst on the subject of new babies, huge congratulations to Alex & Cat on the birth of their new daughter Lily, sister for Charlie.  Well done to you all, and at least Cat will be feeling human again after 9 months of being sick!

Do you have plans for the weekend?  The sun is out here in Cambridgeshire, cold, but I am hoping that the garden will dry up a bit so we can get out for some tidying.  The bulbs are poking through with the promise of spring on the horizon.  Anyway have a great weekend, I'll be sure to document ours, so pop back again.  

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  1. Blue and brown is one of my favourite colour combinations! And the wee yellow sweater is so pretty. February is just around the corner. :-)


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