17 March 2014

Family - A weekend full of grandchildren

It was a great weekend, very tiring, but then with two lively little boys its to be expected.  Miss Jessica put in an appearance on each day and the boys got to have cuddles, she also got to meet her great uncle Simon and her Great Grandma got to have cuddles too.

Saturday we took the boys into Cambridge and got their haircut at Peter's barbers, then took them for a spot of retail therapy before going home to enjoy an afternoon in the sun.  It was an amazing weekend weather wise and most of the weekend was spent in the garden having fun.

I did get a bit of knitting in and you can see the results here .  Here are a few photos from the weekend

Friday -

Saturday -

a kid in a sweet shop!

shopping just a bit too much for him

then Sunday

very enthusiastic cuddle!! 


  1. Smiling bright as can be here. Posts with that much love just make my happy as can be. Every single photo is wonderful!

  2. So many precious pictures and memories from one weekend! I always love seeing photos of your grandchildren. You are so lucky to have them nearby! (I know, I've said that before. I might be a wee bit jealous.)


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