29 March 2014

Family - Music and Dinosaurs

This Friday was a musical day.  I took Rufus and Laurie to a Cosy Concert at the Stamford Arts Centre yesterday.  This was a first for me, lots of Mummies, babies, toddlers and young children.  Check out the link above for the concept of the concert, but basically Mummies listen to the music and the kids do their own thing.  Our boys certainly did!

Have I mentioned that our boys like bubble wrap?  Well, there was a "river of wrap" for the end of the concert, BUT our boys found it early on and went ramaging along it, soon joined by other children!  This was soon removed and some element of peace was regained.  I enjoyed the experience, though I can't really tell you what was played as I spent most of my time trying to keep an eye on where the boys were in the room.  Laurie did help himself to some little girl's snack, even though he had snacks of his own.  Oh well its good to share!

Whilst Laurie was napping, Rufus and I played Dinosaur Pirates!!?  First we made some Dinosaur flags and then a ship aka sofa

can you tell what it is?

Ok the boy insisted that I took this, the things you do for your grandchildren!
The music continued later in the afternoon when some saucepan lids, a recorder and the drum came out.  I hope the neighbours were out, if not sorry about the noise.

Oh and it was also baby Penguins birthday, here is a cake that Rufus made for him

As always an enjoyable day x

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  1. What a great sport you are Pirate Sue!
    I love the way you love those grands of yours.


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