2 March 2014

Family - the weekend where nothing much got done, apart from some knitting

Its been a weekend of procrastination.

We went for a walk yesterday rather than work in the garden.  Made excuses rather than brave the cold wind today, so the bulbs didn't get put in, the borders didn't get tidy, the seeds didn't get planted.  We did however have grandchildren to play with and a special knitting request

Friday, I was up to Stamford to look after the boys, and a request for hats was put in

look who's getting curls

Saturday, we walked to St Ives, it was a lovely day, good to see the sun

Sunday, this afternoon the grandchildren came to visit enroute home from a weekend away, the boys to collect their hats and to meet Jessica,  Actually Rufus barely gave her a look, preferring to monopolise Pops. Laurie however was so keen for a cuddle

Hats for Book Week (can I have more notice next time please) - Rufus wouldn't pose today so this is the best I could do.

Jessica - cuddles with Pops once the boys had left......

and that was our weekend.  Hope you had an enjoyable one.  I will get onto the garden at some point!

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  1. Beautiful babe, happy pops, yay for a walk in the sun, growing up boys with lots of personality....
    But I am hoping kate or her boys do not see those to cute for words hats lest I have some hurry up knitting of my own to do.


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