30 March 2014

Weekend - making the most of the good weather

Its been ideal for gardening and we achieved lots yesterday, hedges trimmed, border clearing, veg garden rotavated.

We changed the clocks last night to British Summer Time, thus losing an hour, somewhat mean on Mothering Sunday don't you think?  I got beautiful flowers and cards from the girls and spent the afternoon playing around with some boxes Peter brought home from one of his customers. They make great planters.

These get thrown out, can you believe it!
drill a few drainage holes
paint with some Cuprinol Wood Shades
take some herbs
The boxes are lined with some roof liner we had left over
This small box is great for herbs
I was actually painting these but he took over
Of course little Miss J came to visit, if you missed the post from earlier in the week here is another chance to see the photographs I took of her.

So all in all a good, productive weekend.  Still lots to do in the garden, but now we have lighter evenings we can get out after dinner.  Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  1. Looks like spring has really sprung in your area. Love the planter boxes. The blue is so cheerful.

  2. So clever with the boxes. I know you will enjoy the extra light in the evening.
    A very Happy Mothering day to you. Daffodils have a special place in my heart.

  3. The planter looks wonderful. Love the colour!

  4. Why would they throw away those boxes? I think you're brilliant to repurpose them into planters! Little Miss J is adorable!


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