12 March 2014

Knitting - for want of a sleeve

I have two projects on the go both need sleeves.  The garden wants attention. Its an on going battle at this time of the year.  As my daughter has pointed out I promised my grandson his sweater by the end of the weekend, so I best get on.

I lost an evenings knitting last night as I was fortunate to win a pair of tickets on Facebook for a play at the Cambridge Arts Theatre  Translations by Brian Friel

Set in 1833 Ireland, it covered a lot of issues - relations with England and the speaking of the King's English, translation of place names from Gaelic, potato blight worries, schooling, love, humour and the troubles. Well acted and we were amazed at how well the mastered the Irish place names!!  Thank you to the Arts Theatre.

Aldi yarn for this little cardigan for Jessica

Sleeves needed here too and to finish by Sunday for Rufus

clothes needed for this dolly - Swavesey Festival June 2014
The doll was given to me on Monday, she needs some clothes, she will be part of an exhibition at the village festival in June.

So as you can see I have plenty to do


  1. I really like the little fair isle cardigan. Cute.

  2. Both sweaters are going to be beautiful!

  3. I love your sweaters. Both are so pretty!

  4. Those are precious little sweaters.

  5. You do indeed have lots to do, good luck with the sleeves this weekend!

  6. Great sweaters. I am looking forward to seeing them with sleeves.


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