16 April 2014

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Wednesday has rolled around again.  The weeks seem to go so fast, or is it just me? I cast on my next shawl collar sweater last night.

Pattern - Design D from Sirdar 324 Vintage Snuggly
Yarn - Sirdar Denim Tweed.
Size 18"

I am making a few changes to the pattern, adding 2 x 2 ribbing on the hemline and cuffs.  I like tidy bottoms and I have a feeling the edges will roll and look untidy without it.  Lets face it we are at liberty to make any changes we like to a pattern.

Here is the finished sweater I was working on last week.  I had a mental block when trying to fit the collar on, its by no means right but I think I now know what to do differently.  Here's a reminder of the pattern details

And here is Jessica modelling her green/grey number.  Doesn't she look cute even if its a little bit big. Pattern details for this one here

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  1. Very pretty. The knitting and the babe!

  2. That green cardigan is gorgeous and suits Jessica perfectly. Mental blocks have been my knitting crisis this last week. Fortunately I banged my head on the wall so many times that I finally broke through and the little jacket I'm knitting should be finished by easter. So, hopefully this time round you'll fit the collar to the sweater with a hitch!

  3. Your sweater to be looks beautiful and I love the green cardigan, Jessica looks great:)

  4. The green sweater is so sweet and cheerful, and I really like the intricacy of the new pattern.

  5. Wonderful knits for the boys, Sue. And little Jessica will fit into that green sweater in no time at all!

  6. So wonderful cardigans and such a beautyful girl. Lovely.

  7. Oh my gosh, the little one is too cute! I love the sweater that you finished and the yarn you are using on your new project. Found you from Tami's Amis.

  8. Lovely sweaters, I really like shawl collars :) The little green sweater and model are adorable


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