23 May 2014

Family - Miss J is 3 months

Can you believe that Miss J has been with us 3 months, well actually it was yesterday, but I didn't have time to post. She is changing so much as the weeks go by.  Its such a pleasure to be able to see her on a regular basis.
3 months
I popped the boys up to see her and Aunty Rachel this morning, bless her she was so excited to see them.  I didn't have my camera handy so you will just have to believe me.

Whilst we were out I missed a parcel. I do believe it may be my latest yarn acquisition.  When Laurie wakes from his nap we will pop over and collect it.  Photos later!


  1. Three months old already? She has definitely lost that newborn look! She and Lucy are seven months apart, which seems like a huge age difference, but as they get a little older that that difference will disappear. By the time they are about three they will seem much the same age. :-)

  2. What a Love. You are Blessed for sure Sue!


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