19 June 2014

Knitting - cuteness warning

Yesterday Rachel and I tried to find a sun hat for Jess that actually fitted her, that wasn't pink or white.  She wanted something bright and cheery.  As I had lots of cotton yarn left over (ok I ordered too much) from the cot blanket and cushion,  I decided to knit one.

In this months' Love Knitting for Baby (June issue) there was a cute hat pattern - Fun in the Sun Bonnet by Angela Turner.  This is my take on it.  I left off the hat band and added my twist to it.  Hope you like it. I actually shed a tear at how cute she looks in it.

I now have 3 more to knit to go with other outfits!  Its a very quick knit so its not a problem and I am more than happy to do it


  1. That last picture is four star!! what a dear little girl she is.

  2. Is there a stronger word for LOVE?!

  3. That hat is adorable! This shows why it's always a good idea to order more yarn than you think you'll need. :-)


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