1 August 2014

Knitting - more flowers

Morning all, it's the start of the weekend for me.  I do have some housework to do but I thought I'd share some more knitted flowers with you before I start.

Remember on Wednesday I showed you a few I had started.   The flower bug has really hit and I am having fun sourcing patterns and knitting up samples.

I have made a few changes along the way but have learnt some new decorative cast off techniques which will come in handy.

The daffodil I love, but it was fiddly to knit.  Each petal is separate so lots of ends to weave in

Bell Vine, I add a stemen, so technically not correct but it looks nicer

this yarn was very splitty

Crazy daisy - I had lots of these little flowers already knitted up, as I use them as embellishments, as I had various sizes I just popped two together added a bead and hey presto, instant flowers.  The beads need to have a gem glued to them to hide the hole, or I need to come up with another solution.  But as I said these are just samples.

Calling it a day for now and getting on with my other knitting. Hope you have a lovely weekend.  The weather is looking awful for tomorrow but Sunday is looking great.  Have fun.....


  1. Your flowers are very pretty, and they will last forever!

  2. Well, you know you will have to show me how to knit the daffodils so I can make a few for a certain lave of mine.

  3. Those are so gorgeous and each one is unique! Brings so much cheer to the room too!

  4. They are so different and look great. You must have lots of patience in order to make them.

  5. The flowers are very fun. Bet the grandchildren love them.


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