11 August 2014

Weekend - rain stops play

Goodness its been some kind of weekend.  Beautiful on Saturday.  Then storms again on yesterday.  Fortunately our area didn't get subjected to as much rain as Friday, but enough to put pay to our picnic meetup with friends and family.  Luckily we have been able to reschedule for a date later this month, only down side was we missed seeing the boys.

So what did we do with our Sunday?  Its really odd when you have plans and then they don't happen, its like, well, what do we do now! Rachel, Stu and Jess came down and we did manage to get out for a walk between rain storms so that was a bonus.  We got to play with Jess, do some knitting and generally just laze about.

Google put this together from 3 photos I took

Ten minutes later
It was also very windy

Jess is making her first foray into food and seems to be more than happy with it.

She also is getting the hang of trying to sit up by herself

and finally one to grow into.  The pattern is Square Neck Top by Debbie Bliss.  I used a DK weight yarn for this and just made the necessary adjustment to the pattern.  It worked out well and I am more than pleased with it.


  1. Don't babies grow up so fast these days. My grandson is already munching his way through liquidised sweet potato and butternut squash, yet it doesn't seem that long ago that we were eagerly awaiting his arrival.
    Glad you still had a good weekend!

  2. We have been getting crazy amounts of rain too! It is currently day five of rain and cloudiness! I love that little pullover, it's going to look so cute on that little darling!


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