11 February 2015

Knitting - its Wednesday again

I am always surprised when I find its Wednesday. I get to say have a good weekend to the boss, he's off on Thursdays and I don't work Friday, so my week seems to fly by. Wednesday is WIP day so I had best show you what I'm up to.

This is another cardigan for Jess, thank you for the nice comments about her brown number. The pattern is Sugar Plum Cardi from Sublime and I'm using Sirdar Country Style which was languishing in my stash leftover from another project.  I decided to make the yoke striped to give it a pop of colour.  I also made this with long sleeves rather than short.

Have you spotted the finger plaster in the second photo?  I'll tell you about that!

I call the photo below "The knife always wins".  Yesterday morning I was up early, too early for handling hefty knives.  I was giving it a wipe with a cloth but had the blade towards rather than away from me, so as you can imagine it cut me. Its a very sharp knife, hubby likes to keep a good edge on our knives!!  I ran my finger under the tap, grabbed some paper towel and then tried to get open a sticking plaster, why do they make those things so difficult?  Finally managed to wrap one round the finger only to have the blood pour out top and bottom, called for hubby who dealt with it swiftly - observing that the kitchen looked like someone had been massacred, blood in the sink, over the granite worktop, on the window sill???!! - binding it very tightly the bleeding stopped.  I've not looked at it yet, had a bath last night with my hand in a plastic bag!  Managed to wash my hair one handed this morning.  My main worry was that I wouldn't be able to knit.  No problem, I just cast on a hat for Woolly Hat Week, with my finger stuck out! Bit uncomfortable but doable.

I removed the outer dressing, lets face it you can't really hide that white covering.  I will change the plaster later and see how bad it looks.  It hurts to bend as I cut diagonally across the top joint, guess it could have been worse could have taken the whole top off.....


  1. Love the color combination on that sweater! Reading about the incident with the knife, my stomach got a little queasy...I hope it heals up quick for you!

  2. Love you sweater! Sorry about your finger, heres to fast healing!

  3. Oh my Sue. Ouch. BUT at least you can still knit. Priorities are important.

  4. Ouch and we all do it don't we. I hope it knits together quickly or should I just say heals. At least you're still able to knit and as you say it could have been so much worse.

  5. Ooh sue i haven't seen your blog for ages, hello! I hope your finger heals quickly!


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