22 July 2015

Knitting - feeling flat

This is just a quick whizz in today to share my latest WIP, you will see why this post is entitled thus!!

The pattern is Rabbit by Lois Daykin from the Baby Knits book.  The yarn used is an aran weight tweed from Aldi or Lidl can't remember which.  The dress is oddments from stash. I used thicker yarns as I wanted her to be a bit bigger than my previous ones.

I shall now spend the evening, stuffing, joining and sewing the dreaded features.  Does anyone else freak out when doing the features?  I also end up with a quizzical look or something that would scare a child to death!!  I plan to draw them on first and then try sewing, wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. I draw the features first before sewing them in place. My problem is I can't draw to to save my life, hence why my dolls have strange expressions that children just love. Looking forward to seeing your finished rabbit.


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