1 July 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hi all its Wednesday again.  Since last week I've not done too much knitting. The hooded cardigan has just the sleeves to go, it looks a bit on the big side but it measures as the pattern so must be right! The pattern is Knitted Hooded Jacket from Twilleys of Stamford.  I'm doing 12-18 month size which is for a 22" chest but knits to 26", so a jacket rather than a cardigan.  Yarn is King Cole Big Value DK

The cardigan for me has been frogged and I have started another with the same yarn.  Forgot to photograph it, so this will have to wait til next time.  I only have about 2" done anyway

So what have I been doing if not knitting?  Well, I've been reading I'm stuck into the latest C J Sansom - Lamentation, its the next instalment of the Shardlake books.

I love historical books so this is perfect.  I try to read a bit before I go to sleep but this is such a hefty tome that you run the risk of concussion if you fall asleep!!!!

As well as reading I have been playing with the settings on my camera trying shooting RAW rather than fine which gives you jpegs.  There are some noticeable differences, but they take so much longer to download and render.

I took some bark photos, I'd love your comments on what some of them look like...... keep it clean!

Try to keep cool as we sizzle in the heat, currently 28c (82f) in the shade.  Off to make a cooling drink


  1. Do you seriously expect me to keep it clean?

  2. No comment on the bark! Beautiful pictures though. The hoodie is going to be stunning.


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