29 October 2015

October, I'm glad to see you go

October has been a month I would be happy to forget.  Filled with sadness and illness.

On the 15th we had our father's funeral, whilst I did manage to read the eulogy, it wasn't something that I can say I enjoyed doing, though the very last thing I could do for my Dad.

Nearly every member of my nearest family has been ill either with this flu virus or sickness bug that is currently doing the rounds here in the UK.  I feel low in spirits and in health, long for a decent nights sleep and a break from my head.

The only thing that has keeps me sane is my knitting and reading, both of which I love and which has the ability to keep away my sad thoughts.  Other times I find myself overcome at the oddest of moments, reading the words on a birthday card, a piece of music, the sun, you name it and it seems to be able bring on the tears.  Sometimes I forget, then I feel guilty, its not like I saw my Dad that often as he lived 60 odd miles away.  I guess all emotions that you expect to feel.

I am looking forward to November with hope, and a long awaited break to enjoy.

I have a long list of knitting requests to fulfill and hopefully some stash enhancement

Here are a few photos just to make this post a bit more interesting, some taken right at the beginning of the month when I did at least feel ok for a long trek and the knitting I have achieved, all I guess you've seen in previous posts!

26 October 2015

Weekend - bugs, slugs and all things reptile

We've had the boys stay this weekend, and being boys they love bugs etc.  Yesterday I summons up the energy to make a start on the leaves, with the help of Rachel.  The kids and Peter went on a bug hunt, the crested newt may be endangered but we have loads in our garden.  Rufus even plucked up the courage to hold a baby one.  The toad we found in one of the borders.

I finished Laurie's sweater, it a bit on the roomy side but he will at least grow into it!  Pattern info here

22 October 2015

Autumn days

With British Summer Time ending this weekend, it heralds the start of the long dark evenings.  Part of me rejoices in the fact that I can knit without that slight guilt that I should be doing something else!

There is certainly plenty to do in the garden, leaves, leaves and more leaves, and still so many on the trees. Just love the colours.

I currently don't have the energy or inclination to get outside and start clearing up, it must be done, but I'm hoping for a strong wind to blow them into a neighbours garden!

As thoughts turn to the colder days, I have freshen up the blankets in the garden room, love to be able to snuggle under these.  All Ten-Stitch blankets, I really need to make another, they are such fun to do.  To knit yours check out the link above, it's a free pattern, though Frankie does ask for donations to the Children's Liver Disease Foundation, I'll leave that to your conscience. 

Fig tree logs drying out, these make for a lovely fragranced cosy fire, we've yet to fire up the log burners but it won't be long if the forecast is anything to go by.

21 October 2015

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

Knitting, books, what's not to like?  Having had a relapse of my cold, I spent most of Sunday and Monday in bed.  I got lots of reading done.  Finished The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, an interesting read.  Started and finished Noonday by Pat Barker, loved it, having read the Regeneration Trilogy this is a perfect follow on, and am half through Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee,  enjoying this too. It was back to work today, I am feeling so much better, let's hope I've finally knocked this cold on the head.

Not as much knitting done as I'd hoped.  I did cast on Laurie's sweater and have done the back and part way up the front.  If you missed my finished Blish then its here.

The sweater details are as follows - Design E from Sirdar Secret Garden Aran Knits, lovely chunky cables, the yarn I am using is Kirkton House Craft Aran in a denim blue, my Ravelry page is here

and the leaves are here because they look so pretty

17 October 2015

Knitting - Blish completed

It's done and I love it.  This is the first thing I've knitted for myself apart from shawls that I'm really happy with.

I made various modifications to the pattern.  Only a 2" neckband (I have a short neck), a 3x3 rib on the bottom and cuff. I think if I make this again I may do them both just slightly deeper.

Please excuse the no-makeup photos, I'm still not feeling well, but I wanted to get this photographed today, Rachel suggested the poses!

This took only 600 grams of yarn. It's turned very cool here now so I can see me wearing this often.  I have cast on a sweater for Laurie, so hoping to make good inroads into that and have the one for Rufus cast on before next weekend, aran yarn so quick progress anticipated.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

14 October 2015

Knitting - further Blish update

Work continues with my Blish, I've made a fair bit of progress since I reported on Sunday and am still really enjoying knitting this.  I am now on the decreasing for the bottom having joined the back and front back together, so each row is getting quicker.

My knitting group have been busy making Hats for Refugees, here are some I still need to post off!

and finally, some fungus that is growing on an old chestnut tree stump on our drive, aren't they amazing?

11 October 2015

Knitting - Blish update and autumn in the garden

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all feeling better than I am!  For the last 5 days I have been battling a head cold, which has now gone onto my chest, so lots of coughing.  We didn't make the Knitting Show, just couldn't face the trip to London, or the crowds, shame to waste the tickets but nevermind.

I have made plenty of progress on my Blish.  I am really enjoying this and it is growing at quite a speed.  I have checked out all the notes on Ravelry for this project and will take some of them onboard when it comes to the finishing off.

I ventured into the garden this morning and autumn has surely arrived now, it's cool out of the sun and the evenings are getting so dark, so early. There is still plenty of colour in the borders, but also some tidying.....sigh! That will have to wait for another day.

We finally get to say our final goodbye to my father on Thursday, 3 weeks and a day, too long ...... we have all been living in limbo.  The eulogy is written, and if I don't chicken out, I will be reading it.