29 November 2015

Tree dressing - family fun day out

It was cold, grey and damp yesterday when we set out for the Tree Dressing at The Spinney in Little Bytham. What is it with small kids that they aren't bothered by the weather and are able to have fun in any conditions, my feet were freezing. This is an amazing place, not too far outside of Stamford and I'm sure on a fine day is great, we will return. Plenty to do, there are picnic areas, a wobbly wooden bridge! walks, trainspotting , play areas etc

zip wire fun
setting a fire in the cabin
trousers were damp so he got stuck

matching hats
Beck and I had fun making tree decorations as the kids got bored preferring to make clay tiles and boggle men.  There was a fire pit where the kids toasted marshmallows, fun run for the older children, mud painting and all free.  The only things you needed to pay for were the refreshments and glitter tattoos.

A fun morning out, followed up by a warming lunch at a nearby Rasells nursery, thank you Tim, we had a girls table and a boys table and thankfully we had it to ourselves until nearly finished as it got a bit rowdy!

We then followed this up with a Christmas Fayre at Ru's school.  Can't remember when I saw a school event so well attended, well done everyone involved, it was good fun and some real bargains to be had by way of a pile of "new" reading material for the grandchildren when they come over.

And finally, I finished the Baby Ferris cardigan for Jess

Sunday will be quiet......

25 November 2015

Knitting - WIP Wednesday

I feel like this year is slipping by fast.  Only one month to Christmas, and still shopping to do, apart from having plenty of cards and wrap which I over bought last year, only 2 presents bought so far  Fortunately none of my knitting is Christmas related so no pressure there. I have made a panforte which is tucked away and also the puddings are made.

Currently on the needles is Baby Ferris for Jessica.  Using King Cole Baby Comfort DK, in a berry red.

Easy enough pattern but I have made a couple of changes.  I did the back in one piece rather than two and made 2 x 2 rib cuffs as I didn't like the stocking stitch bands, also it was nigh on impossible to get 50 stitches on it!  So I went with 38 sts and 7 rows and then increased to 50 sts on the 8th row.

I also made up a quick pair of mitten for Jess on Sunday.  She is a finger sucker, so I left the end of her left one undone so she can still get to her fingers but the rest of her hand is warm.  No photos as I forget.

Tell me about your preparations for Christmas, are you knitting up a storm?  Given yourself a break and not making gifts this year? Done your shopping, have it all wrapped?  Calm or panicking?

23 November 2015

Southwold - last photos

So Wednesday thru Saturday we were on our own.  That means walking in our book.  The weather was kind, if not a bit windy at times, but made for some good photos.

Wednesday we walked to Dunwich and back via Westwood Lodge that's 14 miles round.  Stopped for the obligatory pint at the Ship then had a picnic lunch on the beach

Thursday we had a lazy sort of day, wandered around, finished a puzzle then lunch at the Smokehouse

Friday we set out to walk to Kessingland along the beach.  We got as far as Benacre Marshes but the sea had breached the marsh and access was via a fast flowing runoff which we decided may be a problem on the return as the tide was due to start coming in.  Actually we were glad to decided to return when we did, as we were actually cut off at Southwold via the route we got onto the beach and faced either a very wet climb over the rocks or a scramble up the cliff!  The cliff won, bit scary but at least dry. A couple of pints at the Nelson were needed to get over the climb!

this wasn't the cliff we climbed thank goodness

Magpie bakery sausage rolls
drift wood to take home
and that was Southwold November 2015.  Work came very hard this morning..........

22 November 2015

Southwold - more photos

As promised here are a few more photos.  Joan, in answer to your question, no I didn't make everyone hats this year, though the grandkids all had new striped ones but only Jess wore hers.

Monday - walking from Southwold to Walberwick then back via the Harbour Inn for lunch - popcorn cockles, Jess' favourite we had to fight to get some!

Tuesday - beach and pier - lunch in Lord Nelson

Then they went home and I will share the rest of the week tomorrow