1 November 2015


Started with a lay-in, the first in a long while that didn't involve tissues and meds or grandchildren.  Cup of tea, book and a bowl of porridge, bliss.

I then decided as it was real foggy first thing that I would make some jam.  We were running low on Ru's favourite, blackberry and apple or Granny Jam as he calls it.  Plenty of apples and loads of blackberries in the freezer. This lot should keep him going for a while.

Next we decided to bring down a doll's house we have had in storage for some time.  Let me tell you about the dolls house.  Made some 56 years ago by my late father in law for my sister in law Sara, she went on to have 3 boys so the house was passed on to our girls.  We painted it and decorated the rooms, added carpet and cork tiles and new furniture, the girls had lots of fun with it.  It's been stored in the rafters of the stables since and now we have Miss J it was time to bring it down again.

The furniture is very 80's and to be honest could do with updating, so I plan to refurb it, but I think Miss J will have some fun with it

A good brisk walk after lunch. Out for dinner, then on to the Arts Theatre for an evening with Clare Teal. Sounds like a perfect day.  I hope you have had a good weekend


  1. In the world of toys the one thing that is best is a toy that is homemade and passed down through generations.
    When I was a child my dad made me a dolls cot for christmas (probably spent hours of late chilly evenings down in his shed). I loved it as did my daughter and my granddaughters. It's a priceless family heirloom.
    Now you have Miss J and your dolls house is going to come to life once more. I guarantee she is going to have so much fun and pleasure with it.

  2. I hope the boys get a look in too! I love the tiny food. Till Miss J gets old enough, her cousins can try their hands at furniture, perhaps?


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