15 February 2016

Sod 60!!

Yesterday was my 60th birthday.  

60! I still can't quite believe it.  

When I was younger 60 was old.  

I'm told now that 60 is the new 40.  

I certainly don't feel 60 and I don't think I look 60, others may disagree!!

To help me get over the fact that I have reached the next decade, my family spoiled me rotten.  On Saturday evening Peter and the girls took me out for cocktails and dinner which was great and yesterday I got to spend the day with my wonderful grandchildren and their parents.  We had a 50's style lunch party complete with sausages on sticks, cheese and pineapple (whats not to love) and even a game of pass the parcel!!  I love to see the children's faces when they hope they won't have to let that parcel go, of course there was a gift for everyone. 

Talking of gifts this was one of mine, hence the title of the post

I also have 3 trips to look forward to -  first being a day out in London at the Knitting & Stitching show with Rachel on 5 March.  Then Chelsea Flower Show with Rebecca in May. Followed by 10 days in New York with Peter in June. See what I mean spoiled.

I had so many flowers, my sitting room looks like a florist shop, all beautiful, different.

from Rufus and Laurie
 Daffodils from Jessica

From Rebecca and Tim
From Andy & Mel

from Judy & Stephen
 Then finally....... this beautiful birthday cake made by Stu's aunt Beckie, such a talented lady.  I have tried to take photos from every angle so you can see everything on it.  Laurie was fascinated by the scissors, everything is edible..... so much sugar

The cake is a rich fruit with marzipan and the balls of yarn are chocolate truffles!!  It was a real shame to cut it.  The perfect end to a perfect day


  1. Wow, what an amazing cake -- and perfect for you! And so many flowers. You really are spoiled! Sounds like being 60 is going to be a good year. Hope you enjoy the short trips and the longer trip to NY. That will be an adventure, I'm sure.

  2. Happy Birthday Sue! You have such a lovely family. They obviously love you very much. And that cake - oh my! It is the most awesome cake I've ever seen.

  3. Well now, I live near Princeton, about an hour by train from the city, full of interesting tourist stuff and I wonder if you plan a trip there and can meet me for lunch??? Just asking..

  4. Those flowers! THAT CAKE!!!!!!
    You are certainly one very loved lady. Happy to include myself in the mix.

  5. Wow, what a wonderful cake. Happy Birthday Sue!
    You've got lots of lovely treats in store, how amazing. Your birthday party sounds great fun.


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