27 October 2016

Goodness 2 in a week

Just when you thought I'd disappeared I give you 2 posts in a week!  I have also updated the pages which you can find along the top bar.

The slipover for Gus is now completed.  I love it.  I used Berroco Comfort and there is more than enough to make a top for Jess.  I have cast on Mud Puddles , and plan to add a couple of bands of the same pattern long the lower part, so they are sort of matching

 Jess here modelling a hat I made a while back, also one of her many cardigans.  I love her curls

and of course Gus in his bobble hat

Oliver Cromwell was sporting a "hat" in St Ives on Monday, I guess he wouldn't have been too pleased

Spending time with all the grandchildren on Saturday, so hopefully I can snap a few more hand knits in action.

25 October 2016

Me again

Yes, I'm still alive, where does the time go? Over 2 weeks since I last posted, really not sure what I've done other than garden clear up, knitting and visiting my mother.

The garden is a full time job right now trying to keep on top of the leaves.  Its a late leaf drop again and the trees are hanging on, though a few more cold days and they will soon start shedding. The first 3 pics were taken walking back to the car on Saturday after a trip to town.  Went for trousers ended up with boots!!

Garden after some raking
Rachel and I found a brilliant craft shop after a visit to my Mum.  Its situated at the Taverham Nursery.  We will definitely be calling in there again

So onto the knitting - actually looks like a achieved a fair bit in the last 2 weeks.  The photo below has come on a bit this afternoon just the neck and arm bands to do on this little slipover.  I plan to make a top for Jess too with the same yarn

for Gus
for Holly
for Gus
for Gus
for Gus
for Jackie
for Rebecca
for Rachel
So that's it for now.  Hope you are ready for the change of clocks this weekend, only bonus to the darker evenings i more knitting time!!

10 October 2016

Since last I posted!

Its been a busy 2 weeks since I last posted.  Loads of knitting done, fun with the grandchildren, gardening, zoo visit, crafting, baking.  I promise to try and get back to blogging properly at some point.

Photos in no particular order!!