16 December 2016

Christmas greetings

Sharing this years' trees and a note I shared on Facebook explaining the reason we aren't sending cards this year

Dear Friends,

I am writing to explain why I won’t be sending Christmas cards this year.

For some time now our mum has been displaying signs of memory loss. At first we put it down to the stress of my father being so ill, then to grief over his death last September. This past year has seen our mum go rapidly downhill and it became obvious that our father had been covering for her for a while. At the end of August she became very poorly and was unable to care for herself even with the help of my brother and sister in law who live close by.

The doctor suggested some respite care and a place was found locally to her. Whilst she had had several memory checks she had never been formally assessed, this was urgently put into place and in November we were told she was suffering from vascular dementia. As you can imagine this was a relief as well as a great sadness. Mum is now in the dementia unit of the care home and being taken care of by people more able to cater for her growing needs.

So this year, and possibly for the foreseeable future I plan to make a donation to the work of Alzheimers Research UK, whilst my donation is too late for mum, it may help someone else’s parent in the future.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, love Sue and Peter

If you give to charity you might like to consider Alzheimers Research UK, this disease is growing fast especially as we living longer........


  1. My knit and natter group make things to be sold for Alzheimers Research, one of our group has a hubby who is cursed with it. In the new year we will be renewing our project and adding in other crafts.

  2. I'm so sorry about your mom's diagnosis. It must be very hard on all of you. I think your idea of donating to the Alzheimer's Research group is wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and your family Sue. I hope you are able to have many joyful moments with those grandchildren of yours over the holidays!


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