28 January 2017

Home Alone

Today has been rare for me, a day home alone.  Ok yes, I know I am home on Friday, but most weeks I either have Jess or currently her Mummy and brother popping in.  Peter is out with the girls and Gus for the day, they have been to Potter World (his Christmas present) then shopping and late lunch.

What to do? My first thought was to spend the day knitting.  Then I decided that I would tackle the under stair cupboard, in which was also lurking a huge pile of paperwork that needed dealing with. I have been tackling each room since the beginning of the year having a sort out.  Its amazing how much "stuff" we keep that we have no use for.  I have filled so many charity bags and feel a bit "lighter" for the experience. I still have my craft stuff to go through, but currently I have bags of yarn all over the place with ideas for the Easter Bazaar.  We also have the biggest task - the stables aka Peter's workshop/dumping ground/where he keeps stuff he wont put out.............

First things first, I put a wash on.  Got my ironing board and basket in, so this would get done at some point.  We can now get in the cupboard properly, its tidy, junk free, and that paperwork, all tackled, filed, any sensitive stuff has been burned. I whizzed round with the cobweb brush, ran the vacuum round, made the bed, then did the ironing.  Took some photos of my latest knits and here I am 4:30, the house is tidy, quiet, apart from Radio 2 in the background.  And now I will put my feet up and get on with some knitting.  I feel satisfied that all those jobs I neglected due to knitting have been done, and I'm guilt free!!

So what have I been making since last I posted?

Melissa scarf in 2 colourways, I have another on the needles

December shawl with lots of changes

 Gus was having fun yesterday, pulling apart the pom poms his mummy was making!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Here is todays look back from Google - little Rufus

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  1. Love that December shawl such warm and vibrant colours too.
    Gus is a real cutie lol pom pom pulling apart could be a fun new game and needs a lot of dexterity after all !


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