24 April 2017

April happenings

As has become the normal these days, the blog appears to have fallen by the wayside.  I really don't seem to have the time or much to write about.

April what have we been up to?  Fortunately my iphone camera keeps a record of all our doings so I am able to share. We have had some lovely weather for April and the Easter weekend was good. We got out for some walks, spent time in the garden, of course the children and grand kids were in evidence a lot of the time, all growing fast and are lots of fun.  Many changes afoot, more on those another time.  Trips planned. And of course knitting, always there in the background for those calm quiet moments.

The garden


The family

The knitting

Cambridge backs/Kings Parade area on the way to dinner the other evening

So there you have it, the majority of April in photographs. I'm sure there will be a few more before the month is out which you may or may not get to see!  For now that's it

3 April 2017

We did it

We wanted £1,000, we got £1,174, we are happy.  It was a good day on Saturday.  Maybe not as many people as we had hoped for.  But those that came spent their money on the stalls that counted.

I must give a mention to Linda and Kevin who came all the way from Lowestoft just to say hello, and to give us a donation.  I "met" Linda on the Granny's World facebook page, and we have chatted online and when I posted about the bazaar she said they would come.  I didn't really expect them too as its about a 200 mile round trip.  But come they did, it was great to meet face to face, and I hope that we can meet up again when we visit Southwold as its not that far away.  Thanks again for coming xx

Here a a few photos of the day.  The cake stall alone raised £118 which was brilliant, we like cake


Brow4's teddy tombola

Jenni Jewellery & Crystals

GM Leatherworks

Michaelnn Leigh Glass

Bizi Lizi

Phoenix Cards

Handcrafted by Liisa

The raffle raised £206

Some of the Easter hats, one of my grandsons took joint 1st prize, we did a public vote to make it fair

Bluebell Florist

Granny's World

Sally's donated handknits and tombola
It was an exhausting day by the time we had cleared up, I did at least sleep well with the aid of a couple of beers and a sleeping tablet!  After 2 nights of laying awake thinking I needed to sleep.

Sunday felt really flat, for the past 3 months we have been planning and advertising and making, now its done its like - what now?

I do have a few orders to knit up.  But oh so many things to get shot of ............ not sure the craft fair circuit is for me, all those people that just walk by without even taking a glance.  The standing around trying not to look bored.  Maybe I'll open an Etsy shop, along with all the thousands that are already on there ....... or maybe I'll just give everything away