16 July 2017

Still sorting

The sorting and sifting goes on.  This weekend hubby has borrowed a van from work and we have been going through the outbuildings and getting rid of all that stuff you keep "just in case".  Its actually quite enjoyable.  We even found my old electric typewriter, popped it on Facebook and hey presto it has a new home.

Some of the surplus furniture is being collected today.  As soon as I empty something that we don't need I list it and in most cases it has a new home.

Going to the tip was interesting, the guys that work there obviously have an eye to what they can make money from and were soon "helping" us unload, "oh just put that there luv"!!  To be honest more than happy for someone to recycle our unwanted items.

I spent some of yesterday packing up my craft/yarn supplies and books........ Peter walked in and said "where were you hiding that lot"

Its not till you get it all out that you realise what you have, really not sure where it will all go.

Today's plan is to go through all the pots in the garden and match them with saucers and put out anything mismatched or chipped, then go round and collect up and put in one area anything we plan to take with us. Then another trip to the tip.

Fortunately our buyers have agreed to take all the sofas in the barn, the climbing frame and playhouse and most importantly the chickens, we don't have room for the girls and they wouldn't fit in with our future plans anyway without involving others to care for them, which frankly would be a real pain. So it all seems to be coming together. We still don't have a moving date, but at least we will be trimmed down to just what we want to keep.

On Wednesday I am going to the "new house" with one of my kitchen designers and our electrician so they can scope out what needs doing.  I think the kitchen will be designed by committee, all of them have an opinion on what we should have, when you work in a showroom, there are so many lovely ideas and styles - spoiled for choice, especially when surrounded by it all day. It will be a vast improvement from whats there currently so we really can't go wrong.

enjoy your Sunday.......

Forgot to show you my knitting - both from stash oddments

for Jess

for Gus