13 August 2017

Holding your breath

It has felt like we have been holding our breath this past week.

We returned home on Saturday from a lovely family holiday.  I won't say we were relaxed, but we had a fun, hectic, noisy time, HOT, one where you get to spend quality time with the whole family in one place.

On returning there was the usual post to go through, a few enquiries from the solicitor re the house sale, nothing much. Monday email from solicitor arranging a meeting to sign contracts, then comes the call from the agent.  Our buyers have lost their buyers at the 11th hour, shock, disappointment, all those plans put in place, now on hold........  I have to hand it to our agent, she pulled one out of the bag.  She contacted all the previous viewers that had offered on their house and fortunately one of them was still interested, to cut a long story short, everything is back on again as of yesterday.  I have to confess I had a few tears, I hadn't realised how tense I had been all week, so it was back to the packing.  I guess we are a few weeks further away from moving than we would have been, but as long as it happens we don't mind.

Here are a few photos from the holiday and this past week........ and breathe..........

Laurie had a birthday

Stu cycled Mount Ventoux THREE times in one day!!!

Bit of knitting

Doesn't look impressed does he?

Helping Pops


  1. Trying to sell a house is horrendous!! I'm so glad you're back on track.
    Your holiday looked amazing! Lots of happy family memories created <3

  2. Such a beautiful Family! Time together is the BEST!
    SO glad all is well.


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