15 July 2018

Filling the days

I honestly didn't think I'd be longing for grey skies and rain.  It's been so hot again today, 22C at 10am.  We had planned to go for a walk but decided it was just too hot.  So I found a shady spot and finished off my third baby cardigan - I used a basic top down for this, using up some oddments for the stripes

I've now started on some sweater vests/tank/slipover whatever you want to call them for Laurie for the autumn.  Now they don't wear school uniform it can be hard going on their clothes.  Laurie loves to dress up and puts together some amazing outfits when he has a mind to. This is an aran weight yarn - Sirdar Denim with some oddment of navy - lost the band - for the edging

Whilst we are having a hard time keeping the plants alive with the heat we still have plenty of colour.  One thing I was really pleased to find when we moved in was a hibiscus bush.  This is now on flower

This coral pink rose was also in the garden so seems to be well established and not feeling too stressed by the heat

This climber - Claire Austin - was a bare rooted rose that went in in the spring, it's getting watered as often as we can, finally in flower but was slow to get going

Earlier in the week we visited Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk, they had some amazing flowers in their perennial walk.  This is the look I'd like to achieve on a smaller scale in my garden.  Once the weather cools down and we get some rain, it's been over 12 weeks since we saw any, then I will purchase some more plants and get them in for this autumn and next summer

Time for another cool drink me thinks, just checked the temperature, its 7:30pm and 29C, good luck with sleeping tonight


  1. Love the baby sweater. I'm knitting a vest for my great grandson. Has cable down the front. Enjoyed the pictures of all the flowers. what a wonderful place to visit. I like the castles , also. Its 3:00 pm here. Its been a little cooler here for a change.

  2. LOVE the color of that Hibiscus.
    Hope you get some rain soon. That long of a dry spell sure is scary.

  3. That little striped sweater is very cute. I'm sorry your heat wave is continuing. I read the BBC news every morning, and it seems like this one has gone on longer than most from the sounds of it. We've now had another heat wave hit here as well, and I find I need to get everything that takes any energy or involves being outdoors completed by noon or it simply doesn't get done.


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