19 July 2018

Hot off the needles

I went to bed with two rows left to knit and the sew up to do. I know if I stayed up I would be burning the midnight oil.  Our neighbour woke me at 6:30, they have a gravel drive and he obviously forgot something and came roaring back in to get it, then roared out again, so I decided just to get up and finish.  So here it is

The pattern came from Sirdar Secret Garden Aran Knits and the yarn used was Sirdar Denim, with an oddment of navy for the contrast.  I love an aran knit, works up so quickly.  I was asked how I knit so fast.  I don't think I do.  Due to the heat, I've honestly not done much else other than sit and knit, occasionally read, so house and garden work have been neglected. Yesterday was cooler, so I did help hubby clean the car and also did some weeding.

Thank you for all the kind messages about leaving Facebook, please know that nothing that was said was aimed at me.  It's just the whole thing really, the hate against race, brexit, adverts and just the general negativity.  I can honestly say I am not missing IT, though I do miss the interaction with like minded knitters plus its giving me much more time to knit.  It also means I am spending some of the lost time, back here on the blog as a forum for my knits.  Whilst its not generating the views it did when I shared it to Facebook, its was always more for me as a record anyway.

So what to do next?  Possibly another sweater vest, I want to see how this one goes down before doing another, also the eldest grandson may want one.  I have my ten stitch blanket to finish but to be honest it's just too warm for doing that right now

Maybe something for me.  I need to go through my stash and patterns and see what I fancy.

Plans for today? - need to go and do some shopping, visit the in laws and have a tidy round.  Enjoy your day whatever you are doing

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Bye for now Sue


  1. Such nice colorway on the vest. I have 4 projects started but can seem to get one done!

  2. The vest came out very good. Like the finish work and colors. I just finished a vest for my grandson. It had a cable up the front. It was a size small. I've been working on a pair of socks also, I always have a pair going on the needles. Can't make enough for my son, He really likes them. He just turned 53 yrs old. He's my oldest. He works outside and in the winter he says there so warm. It gets quite cold here in the winter months. Take care! crumbcat@outlook.com


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