20 July 2018

Sweet treats

Jess and I spent the morning baking today.  She loves to help and today was chuffed when she managed to cut and line the tins with baking parchment all be herself.  She likes to help weigh out the ingredients too, though that does get a bit messy.  I actually think she spills the sugar on purpose.  We made a Coffee & Walnut sponge cake, Peanut Butter cookies, Oat and Sultana cookies, and Snickerdoodles (double batch).  The kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off at points.  Not to be left out Peter made a batch of Rice Krispy toffee and marshmallow treats. 

Jess went home with a share of all the cookies and treats, she told me she was going to hide them so that her daddy didn't eat them all!  The rest are packed in the car for our trip.

Whilst I'm waiting on Laurie trying his sweater vest and deciding if he wants another, I have started a Sonnensegel Scarf.  The mohair element has been languishing in my stash for goodness knows how long (never knew what to use it for), and actually thinking about it the 4ply yarn may have been there nearly as long too .  Anyway, I now have a use for it all, I've admired this scarf/shawl for a while, having seen them on Instagram.  It's also very portable right now, so ideal for sticking in my bag.

We got quite excited earlier, at least a dozen drops of rain fell, its looking like our 80% chance of a storm this evening has passed us by and no more rain in the forecast.  Poor garden

Wishing you all a great weekend whatever you are doing


  1. The cookies look great. I bet that was a lot of fun doing it with your grandaughter! My grandaughters use to love doing that and it give them a good sense of cooking. My oldest granddaughter is 23 yrs old and turn into a great cook. It was fun. Of course her mom is a great cook! She comes from Ireland. She's a great gal. So explains what certain terms mean in England and Ireland. Seems like a small world especially with the internet. Amazing!!

  2. What a fun time. So many treats for so many to enjoy. Have fun,


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