30 October 2018

Those wips

As promised I've not cast on anything new.  I have completed the chunky set for Rachel, she wore it most of the time

she was queuing in the cake shop in this shot
the Sonnensegel scarf

I'm currently working on the second sock, photos to follow. Jess has requested a red hat with a heart.  I have the yarn for a tunic top and cardigan for me so I'm going to be busy.  It does feel good to get those long standing Wips out of the way though. 

29 October 2018

Returned from the return

Our annual autumn visit to Southwold was a perfect trip.  The weather was kind to us and we only saw rain on two early mornings, otherwise it was more or less wall to wall sunshine.  The kids played on the beach and in the sea, in October.  Some days it could well have been an early summer's day.

We normally go in mid to late November but chose to go for the October half term holidays as the family were over from France and they were sad to miss out last year.  Who are we to disappoint?  A bonus was that my younger brother and his partner were there with their two children so we were able to meet up most days and the 6 kids had a great time getting reacquainted and the grown ups were able to enjoy a few pints of Adnams finest and a catch up!

and just to prove that the skies were blue most of the time








All in all a great time was had by all.

19 October 2018

Clearing those WIPs........and casting on

With the weather turning colder - very chilly this morning - I decided I'd best get a wriggle on and finish the ten-stitch blanket for Gus.  I'm pleased with how this turned out but did run out half way round the last band of a green yarn and had to sub it, can you see?  Of course this is the nature of a stash busting blanket but I do like to try and have enough yarn for a full round, anal I know.  This will keep young Gus all snuggly this winter

Talking about snuggly, I made Gus some socks on Sunday - it was such a horrible day that I knitted all day whilst listening to a book on CD

This pair of socks has got no further

Neither has this shawl

Though I have naughtily cast on a cowl. There will also be a hat and fingerless mitts to go with this.  The yarn had been languishing in my daughter's stash for sometime and she asked me to do something with it, so it only seemed fair to use it for her.

Yesterday I had a good tidy of my stash cupboard, sorted yarn and pattern for a cardigan for me and also ordered some yarn for a tunic top, also for me (not enough of anything suitable in stash, crazy I know), hoping this arrives tomorrow.  Mind you neither of these will be started until all current WIPs are off the needles, promise. I also found an unused CD case which has become a holder for my 9" and 12" circulars, they fit perfectly and there is also room for the spare cables for my Knit Pro interchangeables.  Love to be able to repurpose an unloved item

Look, all my shawls and scarves, washed, tidy, ready to be worn.... give it a few weeks and they will be all over the house - hanging from coat hooks, backs of chairs, banisters, back seat of the car, stuffed down a coat sleeve, liberated by a daughter.  How do you keep your shawls tidy?

That has been my productive week, hopefully by next weekend I should have cleared the rest of my WIPs and be ready start those new projects.  Until then have a great weekend, the weather is looking good if a bit chilly. 

11 October 2018

Cambridge Botanic Gardens

As promised I took lots of photos today at the gardens.  The weather turned out better than expected and we had a good walk. I can't actually remember the last time I went round, but I do know the girls were still in primary school.  Such a shame when this is on our doorstep but I find that's usually what happens.  Anyway I'll let you decide if it was worth a visit - be warned there will be lots of photos!

Me in the lake

Osage orange in case you are wondering