7 December 2018

Hello December

How are you all coping with dull December days?  I really feel the need to hibernate.  We woke to torrential rain and high winds this morning and the lights were on until midday.  Fortunately the rain has blown through now and the sun has put in an appearance.  I'm still not feeling the desire to go out though.

I'm feeling pleased that the majority of my Christmas shopping is now done and I made a start on writing the cards today.  Rachel and I are going on a wreath making workshop tomorrow and Jess is coming over on Sunday to help decorate the tree and cake.  She has invited her parents and brother for tea and wants to do baking too, so lets hope we have enough time.

Yesterday was my Thursday Flower Club and we made table decorations.  I plan on swapping out some of the flowers for roses nearer Christmas day, but am happy with the overall arrangement

Jess loves to craft - so part of her present from us is craft supplies.  I looked for a suitable bag for them and nothing really appealed so I have made one for her.  Of course what little girl doesn't love pink. I applied the ribbon on with bondaweb and then knitted her name.  I can tell you my wrists were aching from those S's!  I glued the buttons on with a glue gun as I couldn't face sewing them all on.   

I started another sweater for myself, this is from the latest issue of Simply Knitting, I've adapted the pattern a bit.  Given it a corrugated rib in three colours, lengthened the overall jumper and also will be knitting the front the same length, its supposed to be a hi-lo jumper

I've nearly done with the sleeves - 2 at a time, so much easier then you don't have to worry about making sure they are the same length.

As we don't have an advent calendar we decided it might be fun to do a pre-dinner cocktail a day..... It will use up all those odds and ends of bottles that are lurking in the back of the cupboard and brighten up the day, well that's our excuse anyway.  I have been checking out online for ideas and adapting where necessary.  Must admit a few of them haven't been as boozy as they should have been as I subbed soda or sparkling pear for Prosecco.  All have tasted fine.  We have restricted ourselves to just the one a night, apart from mulled cider night.

Gin and Elderflower
Marmalade Gin and tonic - amazing 
Cranberry and Elderflower (vodka) Cocktail
Mulled cider
La Dolce Vita - minus the Prosecco
Mango and Lemon Cocktail (vodka) another good one minus the Prosecco
Today's cocktail is dictated by our dinner - steak fajitas - so it will be Margaritas all the way.

Right time to sign off and go and check on my "napping boys" - I can still hear laughing so I doubt its happening


  1. The bag is adorable. The sweater seems to be coming right along. Can't wait to see it done. That's interesting with what you did with the different drinks. I've got to finish a sweater for xmas and that's basically it. Aside from baking and making the different fudges. You and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season !!


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