14 March 2019

funny old week

Its a real mixed bag week, Thursday already.  The weather is a bit crazy, wild and windy, wet and sunshine.

A week when I have met with friends, laughed and felt sad. Emails from friends far and wide sharing news.  Blogs with sad news. So many mixed emotions.  What do these words have in common? Dementia. Cancer. Both have touched our lives. Families waiting for the inevitable. Families wishing for a swift end.  Guilt. Oh the guilt, but at least I'm not alone in this feeling.

Planning for the future, is there any point?  Of course there is.  No one knows their allotted span and its stupid just to sit and wait.  Life is for living now.

These flowers - a Daffodil Workshop yesterday in aid of Marie Curie UK.  Such an amazing cause.  The work and care these nurses provide is to be admired, as much for the family as the patient. I could not do it, but its so good that others can.  In fact I take my hat off to anyone in the caring professions, having watched the carers deal with my mother who has vascular dementia, to deal with this day in and day out requires a special person.  I know they say they aren't emotionally attached but again I couldn't do it.

and now after having made you all depressed, here's some knitting. My first March sock

and my finished Outing shawl

If I had one wish, it would be that I could take the pain from the hearts of my friends who are hurting right now and to wish for a cure in my time for both Cancer and Dementia.  A huge hug around the world xxx


  1. Hi, Sue, I'm with you with the hugs to the world. I worked with the Visiting Nurse's for years. It was a job I truly loved , but had to stop because of a bad back. You can't help not to get attach to your patient. Sometime your the only one they see for days on end. Your knitting looks great! That shawl is so nice and didn't seem to take long to make. Give your Mom extra hugs, she needs them!!

  2. Life is indeed for Living Now. We all should do just that.
    Creating beautiful things and sharing them here, sends cheers to all!


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