9 April 2019

Happy 10th Anniversary - Blog

Today my Blog turns 10.  10 years of writing and documenting my life.  In the last few years not so much.  I have wrestled with the fact that the number of readers has diminished over the years and I know that a lot of the blogs I have followed during that time have sadly fallen by the wayside for one reason or another.  I still enjoy reading blogs and do so on a daily basis.  For me though its a reference point. I can't tell you the times its been referred back too for information, little details, photos or just for the memories. If nothing else, it gives me enjoyment, so I'm not that bothered if only a handful read it. To those that do thank you so much.  It would be great if you could leave a comment from time to time, just so I know what you think.

So in 10 years what has happened?

The blog actually started out as somewhere to showcase my knitting, and was originally called Knits By Sue, gosh those early photos were bad.  One new skill I have achieved in that time is photography. I think I turn out some pretty decent photos these days.  To make finding what I knit easier, there is a dedicated page Knitting Projects which I try to keep up to date, though there may well be projects missing.

We have had two weddings - check out August 2009 and May 2015 - throughout those months are all the detail!!

Four grandchildren,  it was when the first grandchild came along and I had started talking about more on my blog than knitting it was suggested I change the name, hence it became Granny's World.  The grandchildren feature throughout the blog and links would be too many to share, but their milestones are noted, births, birthdays, holidays, days out, sleepovers, just their being in our lives.


I've talked about and shared my love of gardening, there is a dedicated page to our Old Garden, it makes me sad at times when I look back on this.  Its one of the things I most miss about our old home, that and the barn, which we converted into an amazing space back in 2011. I documented from February to June that year, so feel free to pop over and take a look if you've not seen what we achieved. I have started a page on our new garden, pocket sized but coming along.  Easy to manage now we aren't around so much.

I have documented our trips and holidays.  There is also a dedicated page for that too, Travelling.  You can find links to most of our travels, the best being our 3 months travelling around the USA in 2004, this tale was told over I think 15 installments and we relived every moment of that amazing adventure.  Through Ravelry - I have made some amazing online friends, some of whom have become real life friends and I documented our visits to meet up.  Check out 2010 Chicago, 2013 USA, 2014 USA to UK, New York links.  Plans are to meet again with some next summer, 2020.

There has been sadness too.  The death of my dear father after a long illness with cancer and mum's on going battle with vascular dementia.  I don't write about that much but its always in the background. Most recently our much loved cat Audrey (Poots). I try to keep things light but its a fact of life that death and illness happens.

Christmas - there have been lots for Christmas posts, you can find them most years in December!!

Flower arranging - this is a recent hobby since I retired.  I go to a monthly workshop which I enjoy and I think I have documented these in posts from August 2018, but I'll collect all the photos together and do a post if I remember.  I do share on Instagram, you can check out my feed @grannysworld_sue

Photography - I'm keen to take the best photos I can.  I love to take photos and have 1000s on my Google photos account - flowers, children, walks, knitting you name it. It did get to the point with the grandchildren that they would tell me to go away with my camera, refusing to have their picture taken. As I said some of my early blog photos are awful but it just shows you can improve if you practice.

Walking, baking and cooking all loom large throughout my blog too.  All things we enjoy, and hopefully one tries to counteract the other too.

The future -

The blog will be telling you about our retired life - 2017 saw major changes in our life.  A house move.  Family relocation. Retirement. Monthly travelling. How we fill our days. I'm trying to blog more, from a high in 2011 (235 posts) to a low in 2017 (22 posts). I am already passed the low and its only just April.

If you have managed to get thus far on this post, then thank you for reading.  I'm excited to know what the rest of this year brings, and who knows I may still be blogging in 10 years time

Thank you for being part of our lives

Sue xxx

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  1. I loved reading the recapping of the last ten years. I know it' been a fun journey for me and I hope for other bloggers. A job well done. I'll continue to keep reading and hope I don't miss an entries. Keep it up. How's your sweater coming along? Take care!


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