23 April 2019

Oh the sunshine

Its been a good while that I can recall such a wonderful Easter weekend weather-wise.  We were so lucky here in the East of England, wall to wall sunshine.  Its been cooler today but still very pleasant.  So what did we do.  It seems a while ago now but here we go

Friday - Peter was up early to go and give a platelets donation.  I got on with my washing leftover from France, then when Peter got back we popped and did a shop.  Then spent the rest of the day reading in the garden

Saturday - Peter's birthday. He popped to see his Mum and then we went for lunch at The Cock in the village.  It was very good, they were very busy and the service was slow, but we were given free desserts by way of compensation which was very good of them and totally unasked for.

Afternoon Rachel, Stu and the kids came bearing cake made by Rachel and Jess and presents.  The children stayed overnight whilst their parents had a night out.  We had fun the kids were running around well passed their bedtime...……

Sunday - started at 6:20 and they were hunting Easter eggs just after 7am, I'm sure the neighbours didn't mind!!

After breakfast pancakes, a bit of crafting and a trip to the park, we headed over to their house for lovely Easter lunch

Monday - bit of a lay-in (at last), then we decided a go for a walk.  We headed into St Ives, a quick look around the bank holiday market then on to Houghton via the Thicket Walk - stop for a pint and a packet of crisp.  We then headed toward home across the common stopping to watch the boats go into the lock.  I always enjoy watching the process.  A stop for another pint in Hemingford Abbots before arriving home and an afternoon in the garden with our books.  Of course, sitting in the garden with a book never is just reading, you can always spot a weed or something you aren't happy with then before you know it you're gardening. 

All in all an enjoyable Easter weekend. I'll save what we've done in the garden today for another post


  1. The children are growing so fast. They look happy with their grandparents. Sounds like you had a nice Easter. Take care!

  2. Nothing better!
    and...That Cake!!!


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